Caries and Plaque

If nothing in life scares you, dental caries and plaques on the teeth should. A lot of people roaming the streets today, swinging the glass doors of coffee shops and cake shops are major victims and carriers of this teeth damaging problem but are not aware of how susceptible they are or have become to caries or plaques. Still confused about what are these teeth damaging problems are? Here let’s dissect them.



This is also known as tooth decay and can leave its victims so restless that they don’t even consider smiling as an option. Imagine what it would feel like not being able to smile not because you have water in your mouth but because you have tooth decay. Yeah, that’s how bad it is.

Dental caries which is otherwise known as tooth decay is the affecting 60-90% of school children and a lot of adults today in industrialized countries. It happens as a result of the action of acids on the enamel’s surface. Looking at it literally it wouldn’t make sense as no same person will opt to aid his or her teeth to decay by pouring an acid on it. But here this is something you should know. We all have bacteria in our mouth that is meant to help kick-start digestion form the mouth and to keep our teeth in order.

They are the normal flora naturally present in the saliva to aid digestion. When we eat foods or take drinks that a high in sugars especially sucrose, they react with the bacteria that is present on the dental biofilm on the tooth surface called a plaque and this reaction produces the acids that aid in tooth destruction as once the pattern of production of acids in the mouth continues without proper care being given to it.

Either in the form of using toothpastes rich in fluorides that keep caries away or the reduction of the consumption of these sugars, this problem you saw as being mild will grow into a much bigger one which leaves a gaping hole in your teeth. Now, imagine what will happen if it spreads to the other teeth, a major disaster that is.

Now it is well established that you need toothpastes to keep your caries away. What do you do? Well, the answer is simple; get more toothpastes but make sure you don’t get toothpastes with just one intention; to cause more harm that has already been done. Apart from Caries, you should fear plaques too. Now, what are they?



Plaques are normal and are expected to develop in every individual according to dentists as they form as a result of the bacterial action in your mouth. Regardless of the aforementioned fact, you should be just as scared of it as you are with Dental caries. This plaque is that sticky bio-film that comes into existence at the gum-line of your teeth. It only becomes a problem as the continuous process of eating of sugars continue. This is due to the fact the bacteria in the mouth that to feed on the sugars that cling most times to your teeth and during this process,  acids are produced which helps the outer layer of the enamel to wear away. Plaques if not handled at the initial stage can lead to tooth decay. This is the major reason you must care about plaques and use the best toothpastes that will help keep them at bay.







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