Bad breath is a condition where you can smell the offensive odor coming from your mouth and so can others. You may have suffered from bad breath occasionally due to eating strong smelling food that usually goes away after brushing, use of a mouth spray, chewing gum or breath mints. When bad breath becomes chronic and severe it is known as halitosis.     What are the causes of bad breath?    Many factors singly or in combination may be responsible for bad breath, among them being     Poor oral hygiene Cavities or dental problems Gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease Tonsillitis,Read More →

If nothing in life scares you, dental caries and plaques on the teeth should. A lot of people roaming the streets today, swinging the glass doors of coffee shops and cake shops are major victims and carriers of this teeth damaging problem but are not aware of how susceptible they are or have become to caries or plaques. Still confused about what are these teeth damaging problems are? Here let’s dissect them.   DENTAL CARIES This is also known as tooth decay and can leave its victims so restless that they don’t even consider smiling as an option. Imagine what it would feel like notRead More →