Toothbrushes are an important help to maintain a clean oral environment and to removes plaques. They help to gain whiter teeth so in turn with a beautiful smile. Everyone wants to show a smile to other and on social media photo. Both manual and electric toothbrushes are as an effect in removing plaque but electric toothbrushes have comes with rapid and huge acceptance in a few years. They provide easy to use methodology and flexibility to people who find difficult to brushing with a manual toothbrush. These brushes use vibration or oscillation to clean teeth and remove plaque on them. The world is changing andRead More →

    Do you really know how to brush your teeth? Do you know that there are different methods of brushing? How long are you supposed to brush your teeth? And should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? If you thought you know how to brush your teeth, read about the different methods of brushing and see if you are brushing correctly or not.   Knowing How to Brush Your Teeth, When and For How Long There are many different methods of effectively brushing your teeth. As for whether you should brush before or after breakfast, most research studies say that it isRead More →

  Toothpastes in these conventional times can’t go anywhere apart from on a toothbrush. Ever wondered where the idea of having a medium with which you can use to reach into your mouth where your fingers can’t go came to be? Well here’s what I found out as a result of my incessant pondering.   Toothbrush history timeline What did the first toothbrush look like?   Before the invention of toothbrushes, people used other means such the chew stick, porcupine quills, bird feathers, animal bones in the past. The need and desire to keep the mouth clean had been so strong that the Egyptians madeRead More →