When did dental floss become popular Way back in 1819, a dentist in New Orleans (US), Levi Spear Parmly, told patients to use waxed silk thread to clean the spaces in between their teeth. This was the first form of a dental floss, though it is likely that simple thread was used to remove food stuck in the teeth or around the gum line. In 1882 a company started making unwaxed silk floss. But it was only in 1898 that Johnson & Johnson patented dental floss that was initially made of the silk normally used for sutures in the medical profession. Now dental floss isRead More →

  Are you religiously brushing your teeth twice a day with the right toothbrush, good quality toothpaste, and the correct brushing techniques? You may well think you are doing as much as necessary to keep your teeth clean and healthy. But this may not be enough. In order to clean your teeth well and maintain oral health and hygiene, you also need to floss your teeth. The plain truth is that no matter which kind of toothbrush (manual, electric, battery operated) you use and what it promises, your teeth will never be completely clean unless you are also flossing after brushing. Research studies have shownRead More →