Ingredients of conventional toothpaste

Ever wondered what your toothpaste is made of ? It isn’t just the swiping up and down movement every morning that gets the cleaning job done on your teeth. There are certain ingredients that get the job done. A lot of these ingredients are actually chemicals. You might have come across some of these ingredients or not but in case you haven’t, here are some of the ingredients contained in a toothpaste that we will be looking at today: Flouride, Triclosan, Aspartame and a lot more.

Research has found out that most of the chemicals found today in your toothpaste can cause more harm than good especially your kids’ teeth and gums. Now some of these major offenders are:



Being in this world and aware of the things happening around you, you must have heard of fluoride. A good number of the conventional toothpastes in the world today contain fluoride. It is true that this ingredient which is referred to as nature’s cavity fighter helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth keeping cavities away at the same time.

Recent research has found that not only does fluoride play a big role in fighting cavities, it is dangerous to your health and that of your kids. Fluoride, when ingested, causes permanent tooth discoloration, skin rashes, impairment of glucose metabolism and stomach problems, especially in children.

Constant use of large amounts of fluoride can also cause fluorosis and so it’s one of the major contraindications in children as swollen teeth in children can cause death. FDA has asked that a label is put on every tube of toothpaste containing fluoride that warns every toothpaste user in the US of the harm fluoride can cause. In this case and so many others, natural toothpastes are the way to go.



Originally abrasives contained some things as crushed shell eggs and so was considered very rough but most toothpastes today have settled for calcium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxides, and dehydrated silica gels which are gentler. Abrasives are what helps your scrubbing to produce sparkling teeth but in as much as this ingredient has a major role to play in cleaning your teeth, it can lead to ‘abfraction‘ what we all know today as tooth sensitivity as a lot of toothpaste brands contain abrasives that are harsher than expected.





You’d probably be wondering what these surfactants are, well they are the chemicals that cause your toothpaste to foam when you brush. The surfactants present in your toothpaste can be sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)  or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. These cause the breaking up of the phospholipids on your tongue thereby enhancing the bitter taste. Ever wondered what causes the bitter taste in your mouth whenever you’re done brushing? Well, you have your answer – Surfactants.  Apart from damaging your tongue gradually, SLS is known to cause skin irritations and very painful canker sores. Imagine a chemical that is being used as an insecticide in your toothpaste and what level of harm it poses to your teeth.





Most conventional toothpastes contain ‘Triclosan‘ an antibacterial agent which has shown to be very effective in preventing gingivitis and plaques but the price to pay for having triclosan fight your gingivitis and plaque battles include endocrine disruption and antibiotic resistance. This chemical has also been linked to cancer as it is said to have the potential of causing breast cancer.






A lot of artificial sweeteners are found in today’s conventional toothpastes one of which is ‘Aspartame‘. Aspartame creates a certain kind of methanol that cannot be eliminated easily by the body and guess what? We brush every day and when we ingest these toothpastes unintentionally, the body continues to store this methanol and before long a case of methanol poisoning will occur. You can detect that from its symptoms which include ear buzzing, dizziness, vertigo, memory lapses, headaches, neuritis, gastro problems etc. You shouldn’t suffer this lot just because of some sweetener in a toothpaste tube.





Conventional toothpaste has been found to contain Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals which help in refilling the void in the enamel which is known as remineralization.



Ever thought of what keeps toothpastes for as long as the last? The preservatives huh? Yeah, you’re right. Preservatives such as formaldehydes, dechlorinated phenols, and alcohols which build up in the body due to constant use of toothpaste and disrupt the body’s normal function, therefore, becoming lethal to the body.





Although conventional toothpaste gives you the results you want and are available and accessible can be very dangerous to your health. The major reason you should think of using natural herbal toothpaste.  Might be costly but saves you the scare conventional toothpaste bring along with it.





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