Toothpastes for Whitening

A lot of toothpastes make whitening claims. What do I mean by that? Most conventional toothpastes tell us through ads or labels that they whiten the teeth whereas they don’t while some others actually do. Having in mind that you need to keep on a radiant smile always, let’s look at what actually helps toothpastes whiten your teeth. Is it just the up and down movement of your toothbrush or some certain kind of magical spell cast on toothpastes.  Well, they contain ingredients that make whitening happen and so let’s see what ingredients make your teeth sparkle after brushing.


Most toothpastes contain peroxide which is not the element that aids the whitening of your teeth. The abrasives contained in it actually do that job by removing the stains. These toothpastes that aid teeth whitening do not reverse discoloration or alter your teeth’s natural color by penetrating the stains on its surface or the decay on your teeth. So removal of the stains will cost you a lot more than the immediate penetration of the stain’s surface by your toothpaste. It will cost getting a toothpaste with mild abrasives or additives such as sodium tripolyphosphate to help with the gentle brushing of your teeth and dissolution of stains that leads to its whitening respectively. Although these whitening toothpastes are safe for your use, excessive use of these toothpastes can damage your teeth.

The daily use of your whitening toothpaste doesn’t guarantee an immediate rescue mission to your discolored teeth rather, it takes two to four weeks for your daily stress of whitening your teeth with these toothpastes to yield you the result for which you embarked on your teeth cleansing journey for. It’s a given that with these whitening pastes come a brighter future with brighter teeth but it is good you know that the whitening process costs you the strength of your teeth. The process scrapes away your teeth’s protective outer layer of the enamel thereby weakening your teeth.

Some of the toothpastes known to leave your teeth with a sparkling glow includes:

Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

Having prior knowledge about what constant use of whitening paste can do to your teeth, the makers of Sensodyne has taken it upon themselves to produce a toothpaste that helps to build protection against painful sensitivity that comes along with whitening your teeth with these gels.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

The makers of Colgate Optic White Toothpaste have discovered improve formulas that help to whiten the teeth while protecting your enamel from cavities.

Some other toothpastes that whiten the teeth include:

Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste

Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste.

These toothpastes will go a long way in helping you whiten your teeth but at what cost? Remember, you owe your mirror and the world at large a radiant smile, so do not let toothpastes that make bogus claims to steal that smile from you.



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