Top 8 Best Electric toothbrushes 2019 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Toothbrushes are an important help to maintain a clean oral environment and to removes plaques. They help to gain whiter teeth so in turn with a beautiful smile. Everyone wants to show a smile to other and on social media photo.

Both manual and electric toothbrushes are as an effect in removing plaque but electric toothbrushes have comes with rapid and huge acceptance in a few years. They provide easy to use methodology and flexibility to people who find difficult to brushing with a manual toothbrush. These brushes use vibration or oscillation to clean teeth and remove plaque on them.

The world is changing and now in the present era, people are making and using an easy gadget like an electric toothbrush to make life easy.  The sales of these toothbrushes have been increasing day by day because of their efficiency. People are willing to pay more for oral hygiene and for gaining whiter teeth. This is why the purchase of electric toothbrushes has increased to the maximum.

8 Best electric toothbrushes

You want to buy an electric toothbrush but the question is which electric toothbrush is best and is economical to use? Having so many questions in mind that which is best suited for me and is economic having the best efficiency to clean and whiten the teeth.

The toothbrushes which have to be in the list of top 8, they must has to have all round in cleaning, whitening, easy to use methodologies, price, and other characteristics.

Here we will talk about the electric toothbrushes which have developed features, high rating, and best customer reviews. In this review, we will tell you the best electric toothbrushes for 2018-2019 to easy your decision of purchase.


Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart Series Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Powered by Braun

Our first toothbrush in the line of best electric toothbrushes of 2019 is Oral-B pro 5000 smart toothbrushes. The electric toothbrush takes the oral care to next level. It effectively cleans the teeth and removes plaque with flossing action of bristle eliminate the doubt in mind as well.

This toothbrush has 5 different modes allow the user to select according to his choice and need. It has a visible pressure sensor to monitor the brushing technique. If you are brushing with vigorous stroke speed of the toothbrush minimizes or it stops. It’s a new way to clean the teeth.

In the handle, there is a timer pulses that alert the user when to switch the position in the mouth. Brushing head can be stored in the case and a travel case makes it easy for traveling purpose and to keep brush safe and clean.

Customers are so satisfied that according to them it is not possible to come back manual toothbrush once you start to use an electric toothbrush. All the needs are perfectly meet while using the electric toothbrush. Chargeable feature and different mode make it best and more in demand. It is highly recommended toothbrush for everyone!!!

Oral-B Black Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Powered by Braun

If you are new to electric toothbrush it is best for you. This toothbrush is specially designed for beginners who have not use the electric toothbrush technology.

It easy to use methodology makes it a user-friendly and teaches them how to deal with these types of gadgets. Once you get used to you can change to other professional cleaning or high-grade device.

Oral-B pro-1000 has a single mode which is enough for beginner and can clean 300% more effectively the plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

It is budget friendly highly effective as compared to manual toothbrushes and is compatible with different cleaning brushing heads.

Pressure sensor allows checking for how much pressure is being added on gums while brushing.

Elderly people find it convenient as there is no confusion in selecting the mode or the other technique. Very simple and elegant design makes the best choice for who are shifting from manual to electric tooth brushing.

Oral-B is the no 1 brand and is ADA accepted. It is rechargeable with sufficient storage capacity, and no need to attach wire while using it.

Plastic and rubber grip add an extra feature of a strong grip while doing brushing.  On the whole pro-1000 is nice and easy to use and is best suited for beginners.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Powered by Braun


Selecting an electric toothbrush for the first time or for the 10th time is always a headache. Now in market there is brand everywhere with new technologies. It creates confusion in mind which will go best.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 comes with position detection technology compatible with the smartphone which allows you to check which area you have brushed and which area needs more care. It can easily connect with the Bluetooth so give feedback about my brushing routine.

6 different modes according to user need help to attain all the desired result and thus ideal smile with whiter teeth. Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 available in 4 colors-Black, White, Orchid Purple, Rose Gold.

Costumer Review

I have been using Oral-B 1000 toothpaste for 2 years then it breaks.  Then I think to give a try to Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. I didn’t feel disappointed. I can choose the mode which I want to.  It has an innovative pressure indicator with a smart ring.

What I love the most in Genius is the travel case with a recharging station. Hassle free for me to find a place to charge my device. It can charge a smartphone as well. Eye-opening smiley….. I can bet you if you use this toothbrush you would love to have it forever.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric, Rechargeable toothbrush for Complete Oral Care – 9300 Series, HX9903/11

There are 5 colors: Black, Grey, Pink, Rose Gold, White.

I bought this toothbrush when my previous one broke. I am very conscious person about my oral health and I need all time fresh breath with clean teeth. My wife suggests me to use the Philips sonic care diamond clean.  I was nervous at first but she told me she is just changing her brush with the sonic care diamond clean also.

We bought the toothbrushes although its bit costly. The packaging is very luxurious as compared to other electric toothbrushes. Take out the toothbrush and get amazed by the mesmerizing black beauty. I never thought that a toothbrush could be so beautiful.

By reading the pamphlet come along with it and reading the direction to use I start to use to check how his beauty actually works?

It gives an option of 4 modes to use according to need as clean, white polish, gum care and sensitive. Three Brushing intensities are very perfect and match with the modes. Also, have multiple brush heads for a different use.

In the handle, there is Bluetooth attach which connect with the smartphone and in the brush head there is a sensor to guide how to brush and provide real-time feedback and is very helpful in maintaining healthy brushing habit.

It is very easy to travel as there is a travel case provided with it. It gives me the advantage to take it with me keeping safe in the box. Easy to clean and have a glass charging station which not only charges the gadget but also add attraction to the bathroom. I am completely satisfied with this beauty.

Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Whiter Teeth & Brighter Smile – Rechargeable 31,000 VPM Tooth Brush is Unique & Patented 3 Brush Head Design – Perfect Angle Bristles Clean Each Tooth


Triple bristle sonic toothbrush is a dentist recommendation. The recommendation is based on the triple brushes with minimum time consuming on brushing and effective removal of plaque.

I am a regular user of an electric toothbrush and have tried many types. From beginner to sonic I used all of them and my experience with the triple bristle is awesome.

The bristles are designed at angled that cover all the area of the tooth to clean.  In the beginning, it can take time to the new user to get used to the product. Positioning the toothbrushes somewhat tricky and you can feel tickle but after some time you will find it more convenient as compared to other toothbrushes.

It takes less time to clean and massage the gum line to make it healthy and strong. In a couple of days, there is a marked improvement in the gums health and the removal of stains. Teeth get more shining and whiter than compared to other conventional toothbrushes but if brush for at least two minutes, it will maximize the results.

It is chargeable and portable so, enjoy your brushing anywhere everywhere.

TAO Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush & Cleaning Station, Deep Space Black


What is the best feeling when brushing the teeth?  It’s the feeling of freshness and satisfaction that now we have a clean mouth and fresh breath. What if something doubles this happiness while ensuring that the toothbrush is germ-free and is hygienically clean.

You can avail all these happiness if you use Tao Clean Sonic Toothbrush.


State of the art sonic technology used in this toothbrush makes it best fit for the use without any doubt.  It gently cleans teeth with 40,000 tiny brush strokes per minute on the teeth.   Two modes of super clean and sensitive clean. If gums are sore and inflamed, sensitive clean work in gentle action to heal gum. With continuing brushing gums get strong and bleed less.

Before start brushing, damped the brush head and add little toothpaste and place in mouth. Let toothbrush works in its magic way. Tao Clean Sonic guide user while brushing. It paused after 30 seconds informs the user to switch the quadrant.

After brushing place the toothbrush head side down in the clean base station.  Cleaning and drying of brush automatically done in the charging station.

It gives 100% satisfaction of cleaning and cardiac satisfaction.


Cool  Ssha 7D Premium Electric Toothbrushe for Adult Rosegold, Body+Refill Brush 2Pcs(Normal+Soft brush)+Recharger+Gift(Mode Accessory+Refill Brush 1Pcs), 220V


You want to gift something special to someone special especially who is conscious about the oral health then Cool Ssha 7D is the best gift holding all the qualities of beauty and excellent performance.

Three bristle brush clean teeth from left and right direction and upper brush clean the occlusal surface of the teeth. Side brushes help to remove in between the teeth area and the gum lines. Massaging of gums promotes gums health and brushing action whitens teeth. It has tongue cleaner which ensures complete oral hygiene and fresh the breath by removing bacteria from the tongue.

Cool Ssha has 7 different modes from daily clean to deep clean and for sensitive teeth.  Daily clean allow normal mouth clean and removal of plaque. Next mode upgrades the procedure and enhances the oral health. When gums get stronger they bleed less. There is no room for stagnant blood to stay in gum pocket to cause bad breath.

The charging station is so cute and is so romantic to build the mood.  Soft light creates a delicate atmosphere. Mood accessories set on the charging station and charged the device.

It is easy to carry with while going out and has great charging holding capacity. Travel case keeps it safe and prevent from getting dirty or losing your brush.

DiamondClean Smart 9500 Rechargeable Toothbrush – Black


It comes with 5 colors: Black, White, Gray, Pink, Rose Gold.

If you have been using electric toothbrush already then you can understand the value of different mode selection and the up gradation that your old electric toothbrush needs.

Diamond clean smart 9500 is the best toothbrush in the upgraded toothbrushes. You will fall in love with this toothbrush when you know the specification and the design.

When you see the toothbrush it is in decent black color and handsome design. Wow….I never see a toothbrush in this way.  It adds absolute grace wherever you put this gadget as in your washroom. You will wish that your guest just goes to the washroom and they get amazed by this beauty.

It is travel-friendly have 2+ week charging capacity. You don’t have to worry about to charge the brush. Plus point the charging is so easy and is done by place the brush in the charging cup.  This brush comes with a traveling case which keeps it safe to travel.

Five different modes and intensity provide 10%  gums health and 100% stain removal and more plaque removal as compared to other electric toothbrushes.

I am a person who always in hurry and has to look best with a gorgeous smile to deal with a delegation. And diamond clean smart help me to refresh my smile in short time without any hassle or tension. I will absolutely recommend to others.





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